Crustaceans & Libations Logo

Logo for The Whistling Birds’ Biannual “Crustaceans and Libations” seafood boil. Please note that the Whistling Bird logo is not my work.

The Whistle Punk

The Whistle Punk is a brand new craft beer and coffee bar in Stone Lake, Wisconsin. What’s a whistle punk you ask? Good question. I’m told that the term originates in the logging industry and refers to the person responsible for cueing the steam whistle when load was full. Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?

MNBeer Logo and Collateral

I started MNBeer in 2005 because there really wasn’t a good resource for craft beer news and information – everything that I could find was terribly out-of-date, often inaccurate and just not good enough.

Perk’s Abominable Snow Party Postcard

Logo and direct mail postcard for a charity event for Children’s Cancer Research Fund, hosted by KARE-11’s Eric Perkins.

In addition to prizes, swag and lots of skiing and snowboarding, the event featured professional sports mascot sled races, a winter dunk tank and more.