Subzero Shootout Logo

Subzero Shootout

T-shirt/logo for Fergus Falls Peewee Hockey “Subzero Shootout” hockey tournament. Collaboration with 4t Apparel in Fergus Falls.

The Art Warrior Logo

The Art Warrior

Rayden “The Art Warrior” is a young artist and entrepreneur in Fargo. He needed a logo and had some specific ideas in mind. Needless to say, I was happy to help!

Artist James Bergman Logo

Artist James Bergman

Logo for Fargo singer-songwriter James Bergman. James specializes in custom songwriting, collaborating with organizations and individuals to turn their stories into songs. For this logo, I took some of James’ original sketches and redrew by hand and digitally to create a playful, organic logo.

Fargo Feels Logo

Fargo Feels

My wife and I have conspired to create a variety of gifts for family members over the years. Usually they involve a bit of snark or an inside joke, but for whatever reason we went easy on our brother-in-law, James Bergman, with this one. This logo is a nod to his song of the same name (link below) as well as some of Fargo-Moorhead’s iconic signage (i.e. Ralph’s Corner Bar, Fargo Theater, Hotel Donaldson, etc.)

On that note, be sure to check out James’ work. He’s a singer/songwriter who specializes in custom songs. He has an amazing talent for throwing down a heartfelt tune for anyone who comes his way.

Alesches’ Accommodations Logo

Alesches’ Accommodation is small bed and breakfast located on the edge of the Sax Zim Bog in Northern Minnesota. The Sax Zim Bog is a prime bird-watching destination and Alesches’ is the only place to stay right in the bog!

The Whistle Punk

The Whistle Punk is a brand new craft beer and coffee bar in Stone Lake, Wisconsin. What’s a whistle punk you ask? Good question. I’m told that the term originates in the logging industry and refers to the person responsible for cueing the steam whistle when load was full. Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?