2 Minutes of Social Media: Hashtag Overload

We’ve enjoyed Instagram since it’s inception. It’s pure visual simplicity allows your images to lead and drive your story. Simple. Clean. Uncluttered. Perhaps even “real” at times.

But those #hashtags! Are you overdoing it?

Much like the old trick of hiding keywords and links on websites (don’t do this), many Instagram users throw down a long list of hashtags with each post. Surely if one hashtag draws a little traffic, 50 will draw 50x more, right? Right?

Much like the old adage, some studies suggest that less is indeed more.  As much as you might want the world to know that you “#love having a #beer with a #beautiful #friend,” perhaps it’s time to reevaluate those hashtags and find tags that really fit. As with anything on the old “Information Superhighway” being relevant is key.

Love? Beautiful? Friend? Entirely overplayed. And as much as we like beer, perhaps mentioning that you’re enjoying #MNBeer or giving the brewery in your photo an @whatevertheirnameis might give you some more traction.

Our advice, take some time to evaluate your hashtags. Don’t just paste the same 30 tags on each of your posts. Take a look at your photo and decide what’s relevant. Does it fit the photo? Does it fit my business?

It’s also worth noting that users who follow hashtags have the ability to mark your tagged posts with “Don’t show for this hashtag.” Though this reporting doesn’t seem to lead to an immediate ban, it seems logical that this sort of information could be a useful tool for Instagram.



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