Subzero Shootout Logo

Subzero Shootout

T-shirt/logo for Fergus Falls Peewee Hockey “Subzero Shootout” hockey tournament. Collaboration with 4t Apparel in Fergus Falls.


This was one of my “back-burner” projects for several years… what’s not to love about mashing up a well-loved Minnesota band (Hüsker Dü) with the great state of Minnesota? I followed Grant Hart’s method for creating the original logo – I started with clean text and fattened it up by drawing over it. The rip through the type is entirely digital, as this came together in 2016 and not 1980.

Enjoy. If you’d like one, my friends at Chux Screen Printing can hook you up!

MNBeer Logo and Collateral

I started MNBeer in 2005 because there really wasn’t a good resource for craft beer news and information – everything that I could find was terribly out-of-date, often inaccurate and just not good enough.